Want to Know the Secret to Fishing Success?

At Silent Hunter, we have a couple of secrets. With them, we’ve caught plenty of fish and won countless tournaments. Want to know what they are?


Silent Hunter
Our captains work together to bring the boat into the waters best suited for bringing in the sought after catch of the day. Whether it’s taking you on the fishing trip of a lifetime or setting out to win the latest tournament, Silent Hunter know where to go, what to bring along, and exactly how to work together to bring in the best ones.

Watch the video below to see our team working together to help Randy Culmer, Junior Angler Division Champion in the Mahi Tournament, June 7, 2015.

A Great Cast

Recently, we’ve won some big competitions by catching the heaviest, longest and best mahi. And here’s the other secret. The best caster out there. Captain BJ knows just how to throw the line to hit the water spot on. Watch him in the video below as he makes the winning cast!

Fishing is what we love best.

Call the Captain today at 305.304.6684 and make a plan to come out with us on your next trip to the Florida Keys!

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