Marathon Fishing: Cobia

(Rachycentron canadum)

The saltwater cobia is a long, slender fish with a wide flat head. It’s a tough-looking sort with its lower jaw protruding past the upper one and spines up its first dorsal fin. It sports alternating stripes of black and white while it is still young, but they turn to a single lateral stripe extending from tail to eye during adolescence.
Diana PeeplesPhoto credit: _© Diane Rome Peebles_

Finding Cobia

Not often found in the deepest waters, cobia are generally caught near shore or inlets and bays. Often they can be seen swimming around buoys, shipwrecks and old pilings as well.

Ready to reel one in?

Cobia are delicious, tender and make a great fish fry. For bait, we suggest live crab and fish kept near the surface. Since they weigh in with an average of 30 pounds or so, medium to heavy tackle is the best choice to get them in, although there are some larger cobia in the 50-80 pound range.

The angler who reels in one of these prizes walks away with a whopping fish story of outmatching the monster. Make a plan to bring one of these beauties in!

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