Marathon Florida fishing charter - the fishing adventure of a lifetime

What Should I Bring for a
Marathon Fishing Trip?

When you go after sailfish, tarpon, and other fish with teeth, there are a few things to keep in mind...

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Marathon Charter Fishing Adventures

Ready for the fishing trip of a lifetime? Captain BJ puts you right on the fish and shows you how to catch sailfish, tarpon, tuna, grouper, cobia, dolphin, snappers and more! Exciting hands-on fishing with top-of-the-line equipment and a second generation Marathon fishing charter captain.

26’ Boat
1/2 day – $700
3/4 day – $950
Full day – $1100
29′ Boat
1/2 day – $800
3/4 day – $1000
Full day – $1200
32’ Boat
1/2 day – $900
3/4 day – $1250
Full day – $1500
39′ Boat
1/2 day – unavailable
3/4 day – $1500
Full day – $2000

Tarpon Trip
$550.00 (4 hours, AM or PM)

Planning a 3 to 5 day fishing trip? Give us a call. Start your fishing adventure today.

Call Captain BJ at 305.304.6684.

The Perfect Marathon Fishing Trip

We leave the dock at 7:30 in the morning, and the day starts right away. Within 10 minutes we’re out in the channel waters, looking for fish. We fish different areas every day, sight fishing wherever the fish are biting.

Anything you want to catch, we fish for. Spend the day reef fishing, wreck fishing, or flats and off-shore fishing. At the end of the day, we head back to the docks and clean the fish for you. We take care of all licenses and permits.

Come home with great stories and a 5 gallon bucket of fish fillets.

Sight Fishing Adventures – Not Your Typical Off-Shore Fishing

With other off-shore charters, you usually go out in a big boat in the deep water and just troll around for fish.

We sight fish for the best game fish in Marathon, going out and actively look for them. We cast live bait to them, using smaller tackle. We’ll go after whatever’s biting the best. It’s a lot more fun, a lot more interesting, and a lot more hands-on fishing experience.

Top-of the-line Equipment

To catch the big fish, you need the best gear. We have all top-of-the-line equipment, including custom lines and Shimano Reels. Left-handed, right-handed, opposite hand – we’ve got different rods and reels for everyone.

Our main boat is a fast 25-foot Whitewater with a tower, fast enough to keeps on top of Marathon’s fastest game fish: sailfish, tuna, marlin, cobia, snapper, and barracuda. We also have a 17-foot flats boat for bonefish, tarpon, and shorter fishing trips.

Family-Friendly Fishing

We welcome family fishing trips. Kids over 12 can handle the kind of fishing we do. If you want to bring younger children aboard, we’ll stay out of choppy water.

We had a family out recently. The first day, I fished with the mom and dad. The second day, I fished with the two sons and the daughter. All of the kids were around 15 years old, and they all caught their first sailfish, so they got thrown in the water to celebrate.