Christmas in the Keys

Christmas time is here. Love is in the air.

But the snow is falling. Roads are slick with ice in many places around the country. And here in the Keys? The fish are still biting. The waves roll slowly onto the sandy shore, and images of sailfish replace the sugarplums dancing in our heads.
Facebook Fish Jumping

Holiday Fishing in the Keys

Instead of snow, coats and smoking fires, we’re enjoying the warm sunshine, balmy breezes and delicious fresh seafood.

We still have Christmas trees, of course, decorated with seashells and lights aglow. Santa Claus does come around – but in a motor boat, not a sleigh.

Christmas parties and light shows also accompany the holiday. And a breakfast with Santa after his long journey around the world delivering gifts. You know he comes here to relax, right? Down here in the Sunshine state our beach parties encourage the Christmas Spirit, and we always have a white Christmas. If you consider our sand white, that is.

This year, join us for the holidays, and make your days merry and bright!

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