3 Tips for Winter Fishing in the Keys

Generally speaking, the weather in the Keys in pretty constant. Delightful. And, with an average of 75 degrees in daytime, it’s warm and inviting. But when you’re fishing in the Florida Keys during the wintertime, there are some things you should look out for.


1. Schedule Flexible Time

Sometimes, cold fronts can blow in from the ocean, so be aware that you might have to have an alternative to fishing for a few hours or a day or so. There are plenty of things to see and do around here. Check out our article on Things To Do here.

2. Plan for the right fish

Sailfish are the easiest to catch during the winter because they love the weather. Blackfin and Wafoo are also available to catch if you’re fishing offshore. Call us today to get the right gear and equipment to fish these big guys!

3. Keep your eyes open

Keys’ wintertime weather can be unpredictable. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for quick changes in the weather, as they can come instantly. Other than that, your trip should be fantastic!

Plan your winter fishing trip today! Call 305.304.6684

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